Instalment Relief & Modalities

1. Target beneficiaries
  • Relief is open to all clients who can prove COVID-19 adverse impact on a case-by-case basis.
  • Clients wishing, or able, to continue paying entire or part of their instalments are encouraged to do so.
2. Conditions
  • Twelve (12) months for loan instalment holiday ( Interest + capital ).
  • Existing arrears will not be capitalized; penalty interest of 1.5% will apply on arrears for relief period.
  • Instalment that will fall due during relief period will be capitalized and an additional year will be added to client’s loan term.
  • Clients who wish to keep to original loan term(s) are free to do so.
  • Relief applies to all loans a client has with the Bank.
  • Normal instalment payments will resume after the instalment holiday period.
3. Security & approvals
  • Full (100%) collateral cover is to be maintained.
  • Desktop valuations will be conducted to determine collateral scope if valuation is 5 years or less.
  • If valuation is older than 5 years, physical valuation will be conducted.
  • Client is to sign Power of Attorney for additional bond registration upfront should it be necessary after relief is granted.
  • Client is to provide cession from financial institution or insurance company if additional collateral is in the form of investment/ policy.
  • Applications for instalment relief are to be granted by Management Credit Committee.
4. Instalment relief period
  • 12 months from 1 June 2020.

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What type of security must I provide for a loan at Agribank?

Loans are granted against security of fixed property, investment or any other acceptable form of security (fixed deposits, investments and surrendering value of policies). read more

Does Agribank also provide personal loans?

No, Agribank is not a commercial bank. read more

Does Agribank provide loans to first time farmers?

Yes, Agribank can assist you to start farming. read more

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