About Us

Agribank is a State-Owned Enterprise with the mandate to promote the growth and development of agriculture through affordable and innovative financing. Agribank has been operating in Namibia for over 25 years.

It has 8 branches offices in the following places:
* Katima Mulilo
* Mariental
* Oshakati
* Otjiwarongo
* Rundu
* Windhoek
* Gobabis

Our clients are:
* Commercial Farmers
* Communal Farmers
* Emerging Commercial and Resettled Farmers
* Cooperative Societies
* Individuals
* Companies and Partnerships
* Trust
* Control Boards established by the Marketing Acts


Agribank Act No. 5/2003, as amended, provide the legal framework for regulating the business of the bank and to expand the business operations to be responsive to the changing environment. The Act mandates Agribank to advance money to persons or financial intermediaries to promote agriculture and activities related to agriculture.

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Governance Framework

The Board of Directors is accountable for implementing an effective governance framework within the Bank. In this regard, the Board implements mechanisms to safeguard the interests of the Bank and its stakeholders. The Bank actively seeks to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as its own policies and procedures. The Board consists of...

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Strategic Intent

Vision To be the catalyst in transforming the agricultural sector where every Namibian enjoys a quality life. Mission To provide affordable and sustainable innovative financial solutions towards socio-economic development in Namibia Values Customer Service – We deliver efficient customer service. Accountability – We are...

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Stakeholders Complaints Policy 2022

Stakeholders Complaints Policy 2022

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What type of security must I provide for a loan at Agribank?

Loans are granted against security of fixed property, investment or any other acceptable form of security (fixed deposits, investments and surrendering value of policies). read more

Does Agribank also provide personal loans?

No, Agribank is not a commercial bank. read more

Does Agribank provide loans to first time farmers?

Yes, Agribank can assist you to start farming. read more

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