24 Apr 2018

In line with its strategic focus on employees, Agribank recently saw the first group of its middle managers complete a six months’ leadership training course. A total of 14 middle managers participated in the course which covered aspects such as leading self, leading change, leading others, leading performance and leading engagement. The theoretical training aspects were complimented by actual work application in-between the theoretical modules. The training is part of the Bank’s strategic people transformation agenda that is expected to result in a modern institution that is best placed to deliver superior customer service and effectively fulfil its mandate. Facilitated by the Organisational Development division of the Bank, the course was delivered in-house through the services of specialist training consultancy Capacity Trust.

Speaking at the certification ceremony, Agribank Chief Executive Officer, Sakaria Nghikembua, stated that “the Bank is committed to develop leadership and management capacity as well as create a pipeline of leadership competencies to guarantee business continuity at all times. This program had a tremendous impact on the business from the word go as it was a very practical process and demanded of participants to already apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in the work environment”.

According to Nghikembua, the bank has implemented a well-managed performance management system that is focused on creating a culture of performance and service delivery in the bank’s quest to serve as a catalyst for the transformation of the agricultural sector in Namibia. It is for this reason that the next phase of training would focus on leadership development for Senior and Executive Managers within the organisation.

Issued by:
Sakaria Nghikembua
Chief Executive Officer

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