Arrear Collections

23 Jul 2018

Over past 18 months, Agribank has requested defaulting clients to make repayment arrangements to settle their arrears. Some clients have heeded this call and have continued to honour their arrangements. Others have made arrangements and failed to honour them. And yet others have made no arrangements and no payments, ostensibly on the mistaken understanding that, being a state-owned bank, Agribank will not repossess their farms. The Bank wants to place on record that it is not its objective to auction any farms except as a last resort.

However, the bank believes that it has allowed for sufficient time to sensitise its clients about the imperative for them to honour their repayment obligations. The bank further believes that it has sufficiently indulged its clients not only to make appropriate repayment arrangements but also to honour such arrangements.

Agribank wishes to inform its clients that it is intensifying its efforts to move from soft to hard collections. This means clients not honouring their commitments will be listed on credit bureaus more swiftly whilst those persistently failing to honour their commitments will have legal action taken against them. A number of files have already been handed over to lawyers for legal action in this regard. The process has also been tightened to ensure that the bank takes legal action against defaulting clients more swiftly than in the past.

Against this background, Agribank once again appeals to its clients to ensure that they pay their instalments when due to prevent arrears; and in the event where a client is already in arrears, to make and honour repayment arrangements to prevent legal action, default judgement and auctioning of their farms.

The sustainability of the bank depends on regular and adequate repayments by clients on loans advanced to them. In the absence of such commitment, the bank will not be able to fulfil its mandate to provide loan financing to existing and new customers to transform agriculture.

Issued by:
Mr Sakaria Nghikembua
Chief Executive Officer

For enquiries, kindly contact the Marketing and Communication Division at:
Tel.: 061 2074332
Fax.: 061 2074206

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