ERFP update

23 Jul 2018

In 2015, Agribank announced that it will launch a no-collateral loan product for full-time communal farmers. In response to the announcement, many farmers submitted their applications. Following a period of refinement which resulted in delays, the bank is pleased to announce that approvals for ERFP loans have commenced, with over N$1.2 million worth of loans having already been approved. The bank currently has loans worth N$25 million on its applications shortlist. These loans are at various stages of credit appraisal. The bank introduced the ERFP in response to market demand for collateral-free products for full time communal farmers. The newly approved ERFP loans were re-appraised against criteria set after a comprehensive review to ensure that adequate risk mitigating measures were put in place for this product.

Agribank wishes to inform the public that priority is first being placed on previous applicants, whose applications are being re-appraised anew to determine viability. Once the bank has dealt with the existing shortlist, it will then invite new applications for this product. Says Sakaria Nghikembua, chief executive officer of Agribank: ‘we are quite excited that this product is back on track following comprehensive review. In the interim, we had introduced the salary-backed no-collateral loan product which is doing very well. The ERFP takes care of communal farmers who do not have full time employment and also have no tangible collateral to offer against their loans. This is yet a further way in which we continue to catalyse the transformation of agriculture in Namibia’.

Issued by:
Sakaria Nghikembua
Chief Executive Officer

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Tel.: 061 2074332
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Loans are granted against security of fixed property, investment or any other acceptable form of security (fixed deposits, investments and surrendering value of policies). read more

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