Draught Animal Power Acceleration Programme (DAPAP)

DAPAP is an affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly technology which can be used by men, women and children for ploughing, weeding, transportation and possible harvesting. The aim of the Draught Animal Power Acceleration Programme (DAPAP) is to utilize draught animal power initiative in the Communal Areas (NACP) (as well as to a smaller extent in the areas where ploughing services are done) for smallholder farmers to profitably use various animal traction technologies for higher sustainable crop production and increased productivity.

Animals mainly used for DAPAP are cattle, donkeys and horses to pull implements such as carts, ploughs, cultivators, planters and harrows.

The proper and efficient utilization of DAPAP technology can guarantee higher returns of controlled crops such as maize and mahangu.

DAPAP offers the following benefits:
  • Improves efficiency of physical labour input in crop production;
  • Improves yield per hectare and area cultivated;
  • Promotes environmentally sustainable crop production methods;
  • It has low maintenance cost; and
  • It is a catalyst of change from subsistence to commercial farming.
Agribank provides financing at affordable interest rates for the purchase of animals and implements for sustainable crop production in order to contribute towards household food security.


Only fulltime farmers, who have very little or no tangible collateral, will be accommodated under this scheme.

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