Production Loan

At Agribank, we provide local solutions to every farmer’s needs with tailor-made facilities at competitive interest rates.
Agribank will be there for you at all stages of the production process because we believe that your success is our success
andultimately that of the whole nation.
Agribank offers a production loan facility to grow your business to create wealth today for prosperity tomorrow. A production
loan facility can be used for the acquisition of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, weeding, fuel and oil, transportation
costs, wages for temporary workers, lease of grazing, licks, veterinary medicine, horticulture and micro-irrigati on.
The loan is repayable in one year and it can be revolved for 5 years. The facility is available to both full and part time farmers
and the applicable interest rate is 4% for communal farmers and 8.50% for commercial farmers.
- Provide latest six months’ bank statement.
- Provide latest pay slip for part-time farmer/proof of
- Provide latest municipal bill if residential property is
offered as security.
- Provide last three years’ audited financial statements.
- Applicants must have a clean credit record;
- Applicants should be Namibian citizens with valid
identification, passport or drivers license, and marriage
certificate if applicable;
- An income and expenditure statement and if applicable
a business plan must be provided;
- The production loan facility is granted against security
of fixed property, investment or any other acceptable
form of security.
- Quotations from registered dealers/suppliers must be

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